Dzifa Hosi assists the business manager of the Ghana National Council and serves as the Treasurer for Ghana Northern Union. Also an Assistant Treasurer for the Ewe Association, Chicago, she holds an MS in Information Systems and works for one of the building manufacturing companies in the United States. Dzifa lives with her family in Cortland, IL. When she is not occupied integrating technical solutions with business operations, she is busy with her family and her community.
Dzifa is actively engaged with the African community in the Chicagoland and northern Illinois areas. Her core beliefs are empowering Africans in the diaspora to be financially and educationally independent. She works with multiple Ghanaian organizations that offer financial literacy and education to Africans in the US and elsewhere in the African diaspora. She also loves to support any organization that promotes preventive health care, early childhood literacy, and STEM education. She is the founder of Wheeled Books.