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More info about GhanaFest Event.

GhanaFest®️ was created to celebrate the history and culture of the West African nation, Ghana, (formerly known as the Gold Coast) to the children & families of the diaspora. It embraces the special bond of unity between Ghana and the United States while educating the community about Ghana’s rich traditions. GhanaFest®️ overflows with essence from the local chieftains, queen-mothers, their princes, princesses, and other court members parading majestically in opulent regalia as drums beat out rhythmic melodies. Vendors display and sell African arts and crafts while regional cuisine is dished out as liberally as the hospitality. There is dancing, merriment, art, excitement, and most of all, appreciation for the abundance of  harmony in this annual festival.

GNC’s goal is continuing to acquire funds to build a Ghana House, to serve as a community center for all to be able to receive a variety resources, host after-school programs, fellowship gatherings, and more. For more information on admission, vendors, or to place an ad in the magazine please see our shop. Visit VIPSOCIO Here

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GNC 36th Chicago GhanaFest® Legacy Sponsorship Opportunity