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More info about Ghana Independence Event.

In 1947, the “Big Six” leaders of Ghana, formed the United Gold Coast Convention. Kwame Nkrumah, who was also a member of the Big Six, formed the Convention People’s Party in 1949, and led the party in the struggle for freedom. In 1957, demanding for self-governance, the coastal Gold Coast region declared independence from the United Kingdom. As a result of the efforts of the Big Six leaders, Ghana became the first African nation to gain its independence on 6th March 1957.

Every year on March 6th at Independence Square Osu, there is a celebration of street parties, and parades by the citizens of Ghana. Citizens join together and sing the national anthem God Bless Our Homeland Ghana (written and composed by Philip Gbeho). The President takes the salute and delivers a speech on behalf of the government, along with live musical stage performances and cultural displays by traditional dance groups to mark the day.

Chicago Celebrations

In Chicago, Ghana National Council continues to celebrate Ghana’s independence with celebrations through fellowship, praise, and awareness.

The Ghana National Council and community celebrates with the Annual Ghana Independence Day Celebrations that normally includes: A four course dinner with some local Ghanaian food, live bands, and cultural entertainment. We also partner with the Council of Ghanaian Churches to have Thanksgiving services for the Ghanaian community.