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Representing GaDangme in Chicago since 1960.

The Gadangmie started off in Egypt in a city called Goshen. Then they began to leave Egypt during 672-525 B.C. On that journey along the side of the Nile River, they crossed Sudan to Ethiopia, and moved west into Yoruba land Nigeria.  Again they migrated across West Africa and finally stopped in Ghana, which became their permanent  home. They were led by their Spiritual leaders the Wulomoi (Servants of God). Traditionally the Gadangmei were a Theocracy ruled by Wulomei.

The Gadangme Homowo festival is a legacy of the Ancient “Nile Rivers Yearly Harvesting of a New-Year Atonement Festival” which consist of many Ancient Divinities as components to the Homowo festival doctrines. Homowo is celebrated to remember how the ancestors of the Ga people survived severe famine and hunger that plagued them as they were migrating to Ghana. … So after harvesting the crops, they jubilated and initiated the celebration, “Homowo”! “Homowo” simply means “hooting over hunger” or “hooting at hunger”

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