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Mrs. Eunice Cromwell is an Advance Practice Registered Nurse that specializes as a Family Nurse Practitioner and joined the GNC as Business Manager in 2017. Her willingness to service and leadership skills have made a massive positive impact within the council and the community. Her passion for healthcare was evident when she led GNC to organize the Health and Wellness Fair with GPNA to commemorate Ghana at 60, and has continued to partner with other organization to continue providing the the community with Health and Wellness. Eunice is the CEO/Founder of the Jemimah Noonoo foundation based in Anomabu, Ghana and believes in “Empowering lives daily with education, access and giving”.

Mrs. Cromwell was the recipient of the 2018 “President’s Excellence award” for her selfless display of excellence in both the health and business sector. She works diligently and goes above and beyond for success in our community.