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Abena Ampofo received her Bachelor’s Degree in Community Health with concentration in Rehabilitation from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She’s taught children (infancy-high school, differing abilities)  for over 11 years as a teacher, director, and a Harvard/ University of Chicago Early Childhood research program child assessor and assistant teacher. Since she was young she has been involved in her Ghanaian community as a member of Boborbor dance group of the Ewe Association for 10 years

She’s also an event planner, interior designer, and private educator. Her dedication to her community comes from her parents’ installation of value and culture immersion of the importance of their history. Her father Togbe Wenya I’s selfless display of involvement as forefather of Ghanaian community organizations and Chief of the Ewe Association for 26 years. Her goal is to connect the importance of the elder generation and the younger generation of learning from each other to strengthen the bond and advancement of the community and greater diaspora.